Smartphones are more advanced and more technological than ever whether it is a new phone or the old. Smartphones are too packed with lots of features, like rear and front camera, monitoring heart rate, fingerprint screen lock, and access to apps galore. For some, there is a sharp learning curve that accomplishes the highly sophisticated smartphones of the today’s world.

Turn off the wi-fi with the voice

The advanced feature is here: Siri, Google Now, and Cortana let the user turn off the Wi-Fi with their voice. Just launch the app of choice and say “turn off Wi-Fi” to achieve the desired result. It works with Bluetooth as well. Do this trick to impress up your friends and show that you know cool tricks.

Use the Aeroplane setup mode to speed up the charging process

Just like everyone wants their phone to charge up as quickly as possible whether it is a refurbished phone which is as same as the new phone. Just simply put it on the airplane mode, and it will consume much less battery life and thus charge up the smartphone more quickly and gradually. Show up this impressive trick in front of your friends and impress them with this.


Go home with just one button click on the smartphone

Google Maps for Android offers a one-icon widget that instantly directs the user to the go the address that the user choose – that means the user can create a home screen shortcut that takes them to the home from anywhere with just one finger click. Just show this trick to your fellows and impress them.

Snap up the photos with a hardware button

Sometimes the user can not beat the feeling of a real physical button when taking their up pics – well, good news, because on Android, iOS and Windows Phone now the user can take photos by just using the volume buttons to click the pics. This is the great trick to show to the people.


Use the iPhone’s LED flash for the notifications panel (iOS)

The user can have their iPhone’s LED light flash whenever an information comes in as an extra way of alerting them to the new activity: from the Settings option, simply choose the General option then Accessibility options and then toggle the LED Flash for Alerts to the on position. It is a very simple and easy trick which shows up a good impression in front of the friends.

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