It is needless to say that we can hardly function without our cars. Cars are such a necessity in human life that we store almost a mini house in it. The new gen cars have built-in navigation systems, rear view cameras, astounding sound systems and powerful navigation systems. The good news is, now you no longer have to invest loads of money in a new car to avail these features. To enable a better riding and world class car experience, we have compiled these 5 gadgets that you can get fitted in your old model.

Charger in Car – Now, imagine running out of battery within the day. Yes, that would not be such a pleasant experience. To avoid the “oh I forgot to charge my cellphone last night” regrets, we suggest you have a car charger. The one by Trucase  with 3.4 AMP can be your perfect partner as it charges both cellphones and tablets. It has an LED screen that displays the charging situation and for better connectivity, it features a swivel neck.

GPS Navigator – A car navigation system can come in handy in so many different ways. It is a necessity in cars. Some models have it installed in the dash but most don’t. Fear not because Map My India has been to the rescue for a long time in the country. The LXX440 is a great option for all the travel freaks out there. It will guide you to your destination. It features a 4.2-inch touchscreen and comes with voice navigation.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring – For a car to run smoothly, it is very necessary to to keep the tyre pressure at the optimal level. Most owners neglect this feature and forget the pros of it. If there is optimum tyre pressure, the car will hae better fuel efficiency. For monitoring the tyre pressure,you can install the Auto Tire force valve caps. They have indicative LED lights.

Electric Car Jack – This has to be the first investment you make your car. Your road trips can turn out to be the worst if you lose pressure and the place is deserted with no sign of gas station in sign. To change a punctured tyre, it is best to use an electric car jack.

Dash Camera – Roads are now much more prone to accidents and the need of a surveillance or dash camera cannot be enough stressed upon. The Kingear A1 is an excellent option. It comes with dual full HD cameras and can be installed in the dashboard your car without any hassle. Two most amazing feature of this device is the 32GB micro SD card and auto shutdown mode that it comes with.

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