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Pioneer 20 – People who shaped the world

This series is dedicated to the people who changed the world and make sure that their success will make an impact on the upcoming generations of Entrepreneurs, with which they will boost to start their own ventures.


1.  Pioneer 1 – Bill Gates & Beginning of Microsoft

Bill Gates, World’s Richest Man and his story with Microsoft is the most inspiring stories in the world and 9byhalf showcase a complete journey of him as how he had started and conquered the world.

2.  Pioneer 2 – Steve Jobs & story of Apple.

Steve Jobs, A name himself who created Apple Inc and make sure that it remains on top even after he passed away. Amazing tech innovations make the company where it is today with a market cap of $600 Billion.

3.  Pioneer 3 – Michael Dell & Birth of Dell.

Michael Dell, We always talks about Amazon, Apple etc, but forgot how this #Pioneer had changed the computer industry starting by assembling computers in his home and selling them. He reshaped the quality of computer peripherals.

4.  Pioneer 4 – Larry Ellison and Origin of Oracle

Larry Ellison, the ORACLE himself is well-known Pioneer in the industry who made it big with his Database standard software Oracle and made sure that people can relate and use the database effectively.

5.  Pioneer 5 – Richard Branson & his Virgin Success

Richard Branson, The Virgin Billionaire, his struggle and his success story is known to many. In this article, we made sure that people can know how he started his Virgin Inc and changed the way how people see this word in a multi-billion group.

6.  Pioneer 6 – William R Hewlett & His Beginning With HP

William R Hewlett, If you are using an HP computer right now, well the credit goes to this #Pioneer. He made sure that computer can be in a reach of almost every human on the planet by making sustainable, low cost, high efficient computers.

7.  Pioneer 7 – Fortune Of Carlos Slim & TELMEX

Carlos Slim, Once the World’s Richest Man and his amazing and inspiring story with Telmex, is a story from Rags To Riches. He made sure that he can be humble and kind while being on top for several years.

8.  Pioneer 8 – Larry Page, Google’s god.

Larry Page, From being a postgraduate student to Google’s God, Larry is the innovator who changed the search world by making Google a verb in common people’s language.

9.  Pioneer 9 – Ingvar Kamprad & Success Of IKEA

Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA’s founder made sure that his journey to be on the top for a period of time should be amazing and inspiring and he dedicated his everything for that. Read in the article above.

10. Pioneer 10 – 21st Century Entrepreneur “Elon Musk”

Elon Musk, A 21st Century Entrepreneur, an Iron Man who knows how to scale up a business, how to innovate in a business and make a futuristic business into a reality today. With SpaceX, The Boring Company and much famous Tesla Motors, He had changed the world on how we see it today.

11. Pioneer 11 – Ted Turner & His CNN Revolution

Ted Turner, the guy who revolutionized the media industry, with his much famous channel CNN. Ted changed the world of reporting and journalism and made it into the eyes of people with his amazing stories and covers. Presidents of most countries are even trust CNN for the most inspiring and recent news.

12. Pioneer 12 – “Jack Ma”, Alibaba & $40 Billion

Jack Ma, The chinese entrepreneur who make it big with his Alibaba Group and showed that Amazon is not only an ecosystem that can sustain in the world. He made his fortune through E-Commerce and is now is the most influential Investor for startups across the world.

13. Pioneer 13 – Sam Walton & Secret Success of Walmart

Sam Walton, Well Walmart is something we all looks for in US. He made it into giant stores from which you can buy almost anything and everything you need.

14. Pioneer 14 – Mark Zuckerberg, Wealthiest Programmer of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, from being a Harvard Student to the CEO of the social network Facebook, he is the most successfull entrepreneur of all time making it to a very small age. He is now dominating the world through his social network and may the president of US if he wants too.

15. Pioneer 15 – Pilot Pioneer JRD Tata & Its TATA Emperor

JRD TATA, the Indian Entrepreneur and businessman who founded Tata enterprise and made sure that it remains on top for almost 10 decades is the most pioneering business man India ever witnessed.

16. Pioneer 16 – Industrial giant Dhirubhai Ambani & Foundation of Reliance

Dhirubhai Ambani, from being a guy to sell petrol on the pumps to the most richest person in Asia, Dhirubhai Started Reliance industries with almost nothing in hand, which is now a $180 Billion enterprise.

17. Pioneer 17 – King Of Steel Industry “Lakshmi Mittal”

Lakshmi Mittal, popularly known as the Steel King, is the most famous India business man who is now based in UK and is the most influential Indian Magnet across the world.

18. Pioneer 18 – Azim Premji & Story behind Success of “Wipro”

Azim Premji – Making India an IT hub, Premji started Wipro in India and turned it into the most successful software and IT company. He turned Banglore into Indian Silicon Valley and made it on top.

19. Pioneer 19 – Inspiring Story Of Adi Godrej & his Godrej MNC

Adi Godrej, the pioneer who made sure that Godrej shall be a fullfilling name for the business in India, is the most famous Indian business magnate.

20. Pioneer 20 – Drop Out Billionaire Gautam Adani & His Widespread Business

Gautam Adani, known with his Adani Ventures is the most succesfull Indian Business tycoon who started with nothing and is today is the 6th Richest Man in India.


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