The Ministry of Home Affairs directed state authorities to identify and deport Rohingya refugees from Myanmar as part of a larger drive to weed out “illegal immigrants”.


India has an estimated total of only 40,000 Rohingya, of which around 16,000 have been formally registered as refugees with the UNHCR.


when the decision came under fire from human rights organizations, Rijiju went on to incorrectly claim that since India has absorbed the highest number of refugees in the world, nobody had the right to give it lessons on how to deal with the situation.


The onset of the Syrian civil war placed issues of hosting refugees in an unprecedented global spotlight.


A mind-boggling one in every third refugee was hosted in countries classified as “least developed”, with per capita incomes lower than ~$1.05, or six times as poor as India.


As per the latest UNHCR estimates, India had ~200,000 refugees, making it the 25th-largest refugee-hosting country. While the countries hosting more refugees than India include the US, Germany, France and Sweden, 10 out of these 24 nations are in Africa and a further nine are in Asia.


India only has one refugee for every 6,500 people—a remarkably low number.


The fate of the Rohingya in India now lies with the Supreme Court, which is hearing a plea against their deportation on several grounds, including violation of international human rights conventions. One hopes that for the sake of innocent lives, a right moral choice is made.


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