The militants, who had recently infiltrated from across the border, had carried out a reconnaissance of the area for some days before sneaking into the Border Security Force (BSF) camp in Humhuma.


The government forces launched a timely response to neutralise the terrorists before they could enter the Srinagar airport.


One of the militants was gunned down in a tin shed of the BSF camp, another one inside the officer’s mess while a third one who gave a long fight was killed inside the administrative block complex of camp.


The airport is used primarily by the Indian Air Force to conduct air drills of its fighter aircraft.


The militants were heavily armed. They appeared to be in the age group of 20-25 years and possessed knives and cutters.


One assistant sub-inspector of BSF was killed during the encounter while four other security personnel received injuries.


The civilian air sorties are made from 7 am to 5 pm and after that, the airport is used only by the IAF authorities for their operations.

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