You do not have to be perfect to be in a relationship. Relationships as we all know consist of two imperfect people who make it perfect. This comic series from Instagram shows the perfect example of what it is like to be in a relationship. Girlfriends can be unreasonable, quirky and what not. Sometimes she’ll make you say, “Frailty, thy name is woman,” or maybe “Stupidity, thy name is woman.”


1. When the height difference is not too much but she thinks it is.

They always have this complaint, don’t they? Even researchers would fail to give you the reason to why girls overreact with height difference.

2. When you realise that she is a child in disguise

She rolls her eyes when you wanna check toy car models? Guess what you just check the car but she ends up buying the whole toy shop!


3. A strand of hair here and a strand of hair there! Sorry boys, you gotta deal with it.

And get used to it. You’re gonna find strands of hair everywhere and on every thing she uses. Be it in the bathroom, on the bed, on the sofa, on the laptop or even on you (because you too are hers), you are gonna find traces of her existance everywhere.

4. Not so lucky when she is a better player.

We’ve seen boys often complaining that their girls can’t play video games but what if she turns out to be a better player than you. Would you be able to deal with it?


5. Too soon for jingle bells?

When your girl loves to dress up according to the season and pulls you too in the game. She can’t wait for Christmas? Guess what, nobody can.


6. And finally you devise methods to train her and tame her anger.

Don’t get too intimidated because you’ll soon get used to it. You will find ways to tame her mood. And the best way to calm an angry, hungry girlfriend is chicken nuggets!


7. Zoned out again?

Buckle up for all the long shopping trips to the mall and selecting the perfect dress for her. So much so that you might get bored and zone out into your world of imaginations.

8. When she is a foodie like you

Well, she doesn’t have to eat in an attractive manner and ape the lucrative TV commercial actresses. You love her ways and her eating habits, right?

9. You guys can binge-watch all day long.

Netflixing is even more fun with her especially when you guys become dramatic and mimic the character. No length of binge-watching is enough until you doze off to sleep.

10. When you realise that she has a la la land of her own.

If you got a girlfriend who has a different world of hers, you’re surely gonna get some good entertainment. It’s her universe and she is the overly dramatic queen.

11. You too start watching silly shows with her.

Remember all the shows you called cliched and cringe-worthy. Wait, give it another thought because you too are gonna get influenced by your girlfriend and end up being a regular watcher.

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