In today’s busy lifestyle, the 24 hours of the day may feel a little too less when you have bigger dreams on your mind. Amongst the usual work, who wouldn’t love to relax or spend some quality time with their family.

Here are some tips and hacks, which will help you steal some time off your busy schedule:

1. Spend less time on social media

Install a Facebook feed-blocker and the StayFocused Chrome extension. It saves considerable amount of minutes of a day that you would have otherwise spent on Facebook. While on StayFocused, you can set time limits of usage on social media sites to keep a check on time.

2. Keep phone out of reach

Make it hard for you to access your phone. Put it in another room when you start to work. The lazy in you will make it much less likely to actually reach and grab your phone.

3. Prioritise work and save time and energy

Stop wasting your mental energy on trivial decisions such as your outfit of the day. Systemize yoyr work and have your clothes laid out the night prior. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs are known to wear repetitive outfits, so as to minimize the risk of decision fatigue.

4. Learn the art of multitasking

Learn the skills of multitasking. This will save a lot of your time and energy. For example, rather than ironing your clothes hang it in the steam in the shower. This will make your outfit look freshly ironed while you’re taking a shower.

5. Turn off notifications and check your emails at predetermined times.

Once the focus is lost, it takes about 20 minutes by our brains to refocus on whatever task you were engaging in before. Setting predetermined timings of short time yet important tasks such as reading emails, can save you from losing focus every now and then.

6. Pen down your thoughts on a paper

Make it a point to journal for atleast 5 minutes daily. Don’t worry about the proper grammar. This will help you sort out your thoughts and know yourself better. This way can also improve your work efficiency.

7. Put an alarm 30 minute before time

If you have a tendency to procrastinate on your bed time make it a point to mediate this. Also, keep a check on sleeping habits. make sure you get sufficient amount of sleep everyday.

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