India Is the country of “unity in diversity” (अनेकता में एकता ). Constitution of india provide us the freedom of everything,

  • Right to equality
  • Right to freedom –Which includes freedom of speech and expression”
  • Right against exploitation
  • Right to freedom of religion
  • Cultural and Educational rights
  • Right to constitutional remedies
  • Right to Privacy

HaHaHaHa…. This Particular Segment of freedom is the power of all the world, Like “Mujhe Bolne Se Koi Rok Nhi Sakta”. So lets Look Some Of Very Great Talks Of Great Indian Politicians.


  1. Terrorists have advantage of surprise
    Manmohan Singh after Mumbai terrorist attacks.            Are You Really Serious Paaji you were waiting for Surprise.

  2. 12
    When you can buy ice cream for Rs 20, why complain about price rise? No loss to government due to coal mining scam
    Chidambaram, on Price rise
  3. 14Capture
    Boys and girls should be married by 16
    Om Prakash Chautala, EX CM


  4. 1213        47441
    They were eating gol-gappas, roaming with their dogs at India Gate.
    Sharad Yadav, about Anna campaign.


  5. 2546677377

    If there is electricity in every village, people will watch TV till late night and then fall asleep. They won’t get a chance to produce children. When there is no electricity, there is nothing else to do but produce babies.3737337

    Din Raat ek Kar Diya Hai Maine …





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