Sex Is A Most regular & Common Words we always heard. Some of us take it as a Entertainment & Some admit it in front of public but many no of peoples are shy about admitting this study. No one is so far from this touch, either in theoretical or practical way.

But can you think that this particular thing could be your career also. although we see some of porn movies & we have a idea that yes this is a other kind of world or industry. but these jobs are also paid jobs. first lets take a look for Statistics of Sex Searches on internet, this is because it shows the interest of public towards this field & also interesting one;


“In 2010, out of the million most popular (most trafficked) websites in the world, 42,337 were sex-related sites. That’s about 4% of sites.” 

 “In 2015, worldwide, there were more than 2 billion Web searches for porn.”

“20 percent of mobile-device searches are for porn.”

“90 percent of boys and 60 percent of girls are exposed to Internet porn by age 18.”


“Porn sites attract more visitors each month than Amazon, Netflix, and twitter combined & 30 percent of Internet content is porn.”  These Are The Some Interesting facts About What Interest is Showing By All over the world & that’s why there are some jobs related to sex world.

1.] Adult Talent Manager : Every Particular field Need Some Sort Of manager Who Helps Every New Talent to put some positive Effects & attention just like a new athlete. adult manager is a part of this society  help clients to secure regular gigs in adult movies. If performance contracts are involved, then it is the manager’s job to lead the negotiations and secure good contracts. Salary is a factor in every industry, also this manager post paid between $25,000-$1,20,000.


2.] Product Model : Porn industry involves the production and distribution of sexually explicit and offensive materials that are used to entertain adults. For the Entertainment Purpose & Every Product need some positive presentation to enhance the particular job of this category. In the sex industry, product models promote various sexual products and services. Every industry openly depends on its first presentation that is featured by presenter or model. this will be used to market the product in magazines, newspaper and other media. Salary – around $1,00,000.


3.] Sex Therapist : Unlike many of the jobs, a career in sex therapy requires advanced training, typically a master’s degree in sex therapy. like a Doctor who consult about the family problems, sex Problems & many of particularly diseases. for many Of different therapy that is important to our health therapist is  must. Sex therapists help individuals and couples to solve a range of sexual problems. Salary they Attend For this particular work is approx. $75,000 .


4.] Phone Sex Operator : “Work From Home or Extra Income In A Short Part Of Time or No Need To Go 10-5 to get Income”!!! These kind of things we always heard & actually this is very interesting and full of fun that you don’t have to invest more time to earn and everyone likes it so much. What If We Spend our more time on phone & anyone who is going to pay us for this spending hours ??? This Is More than a fun, then you could work as a Phone Sex Operator. You will work for an adult entertainment company (mainly web-based), and your job will be to have sexual conversations with clients over the phone & Salary What Is Going To Pay you Will Approx. $50,000.


5.] Sex Reviewer : Review Is the only thing what is freely available in the market without asking anyone to give an any topic. what if I say you to please give me some review by watching this particular thing and I will pay you around $40-$45000. The government also has some sex-related jobs to offer.The British Board of Film Classification, for instance, hires porn reviewers to watch Adult Movies and rate them accordingly or determine whether they adhere to relevant industry regulations. Magazines also hire these professionals to watch the films and write reviews.


6.] Erotic photographer : photography Is already more than a passion, interest, hobby in this part of time. You can see millionaires photographers, those are Very good in this art and can place some variety of photos by capturing the real moments.  While Going In Same Direction The Erotic photographers take still images of sex models and other people who may want sexually suggestive photos taken. Besides taking the shots, this breed of photographers also edit the images, adding various artistic devices in the process. Salary – $30,000 – $80,000.


7.] Sex Toy Tester : Trial is the basic need of every single project to show how nit is working & what recovery is need to change in that . either this is food, automobiles, clothes or anything. Every trail shows the main point of views while we are watching the trial. Same With the Sex Toys ( vibrators, dildos, butt plugs Etc. ), If you want to get paid to test these items, then adult companies are looking to hire you. Sex toys are released onto the market; samples are usually sent out and tested to ensure they meet quality or performance standards. This is a professional responsibility for that salary could be more than $40,000.


Apart From All These Jobs Some More Professional Jobs In Sex Field Are ;

  • Pole Dance Performer
  • Sex Toy Salesman etc.


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