Stress is a part of life, You Work Hard in your daily life because it is necessary for making perfection in life. Life is full Of task, Tough Parts, & a lot Of works. You Should Have to make it Simple By Put Your Efforts. Your Parts Are need to have So much Of Input Towards that Task which can use your mental & Physical Ability Both. This hardworking Life Style Generates Stress in the life. So we should have to come out of the stress By Releasing stress.

We apply Many Different way to release that stress because It is necessary. Men & Women both are the part of the world & they Both Have to keep themselves Very ease, relax & Stressful. The Important part to release your stress, do what makes you to feel Good, relax & Joyful. In addition to feeling good, masturbation is a good way of relieving the sexual tension that can build up over time, especially for people without partners or whose partners are not willing or available for sex.

Masturbation :


Masturbation is a natural habit in both the genders during their life time. But mind you “Excess in anything is bad”. You can as much you feel well. There is no any rule about this. Just you and your mind. If you feel it is not for you than don’t do it, but if you fell need do sometimes you are free. The way you can control your self is to keep your mind faraway of thoughts about sex as well fantasy to be with somebody. If all ready feel in this mental activity and feel that you already cross the line just find quiet place where no body will disturb you and make yourself free. For few seconds you will feel strange and after that just make your self busy with other things. Even you will see that you are more productive.

In young children, masturbation is a normal part of the growing child’s exploration of his or her body. Most people continue to masturbate in adulthood, and many do so throughout their lives. It is the self-stimulation of the genitals to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm (sexual climax). It is commonly done by touching, stroking, or massaging the Penis or clitoris until an orgasm is achieved.

It Is Good or Bad :



Now The Question Arises That, is Masturbation Good Or Bad to Your Health ? Approx. 90% Men in the world Does Masturbation & Around 85% Girls Are Connected With The Self Joy, But Still Some are In Searching Of Answer That Does It Really bad that can Harm Your Body Or It is Good to make your organs More productive? Basically Access Height Of Everything makes it’s Side Effect instead of good Effects. So If you are Doing it Once A Day Than this is ok To Your Body But Daily Routine Masturbation is also a pain because regular Penis practice makes its Size Some thing Different from the original One. this Is Also Seen that Some kind of Skin Problems Can Generate by access time than the normal.

It is also safe than making Physical relation with anyone because it is safe from any unwanted pregnancy & some different bad sexual disease. When sexual dysfunction is present in an adult, masturbation may be prescribed by a sex therapist to allow a person to experience an orgasm (often in women) or to delay its arrival (often in men).


In general, the medical community considers masturbation to be a natural and harmless expression of sexuality for both men and women.Frequent or rough masturbation can cause minor Skin irritation. Forcefully bending an erect Penis can rupture the chambers that fill with Blood, a rare but gruesome condition called penile fracture.

You masturbate many times a day and have a healthy, satisfying life, good for you. But if you masturbate many times a day and you’re missing work than You Should Have To Stop It or have to concern with Therapist.

Facts Over Masturbation :


If You are unmarried and you are doing daily, its normal and even beneficial. “Masturbation is part of a healthy sex life”. But this is not so serious in men who masturbates, but as we continuously lose our vital fluid, we lose normal strength required for sturdy erection of our penis which is very important to enjoy sexual pleasure during intercourse, together with loss of much required quantity of sperms in our seminal fluid. After sometime, we may not be able to produce children and enjoy the pleasure of intercourse for a long time. Some times, they may fracture their penis too which is a major problem. Hence, it is better to put an end to masturbation and control this habit for your future happiness.

Positive Effects Over Masturbation ;


It prevents cancer. In a Study found that men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer.

It makes you harder. As you age, you naturally lose muscle tone, even down there.

Regular sex or masturbation works out your pelvic floor muscles to prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence. It helps you last longer. It helps in controlling premature ejaculation.

It ups your immunity, actually helps regulate and maintain your immunity in the small doses.

Most Important It boosts your mood. Masturbating releases a slew of feel-good neurochemicals that lift your spirits, boost your satisfaction, and activate the reward circuits in your brain.

Negative Effect Over Masturbation;

Excessive masturbation creates a problem when one reaches a point where he does not have any sperms to ejaculate and thus, blood takes over.

It affects orgasm too. Psychologically, it leads to the issue of obsessive compulsive disorder of masturbating all the time.

Access Amount Of Masturbating, which can be a sign of Anxiety or health problems.

Some Myth related To Masturbation :


  • Masturbation affect eyesight, No It Doesn’t.
  •  Masturbation causes your penis to stop growing (or) to get bigger, No It Doesn’t.
  • Masturbation causes your testicles to shrink, No it Doesn’t.
  •  Masturbation causes hair loss, chronic fatigue, and other problems, No it Doesn’t.

Please take care of your penis, Pamper your hobbies by spending more time in doing what you like. Indulge in outdoor activities,Try to have a busy and tiring schedule so that by the end of the day you can fall asleep early.


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