A Very Few No of collection remains collected in our mind. Not because the Capacity of mind is less  but the reason is we cant handle so much of information in our mind, it just overlapped with the new one everyday, every hour, every minute & every second. there are billions, trillions of Information’s are produces on daily basis in the world. What Could be the capacitor that can store the data energy for a very long term & also the whole world can reach up to these information’s.

yes here are not only the capacitor that is storing the whole information but also the Modern GOD Of the world. this is really a surprise that very few micro information’s are exiting over there. this is a miracle or what ? If you will type ‘S’ google will give you many no of results related that Input. If you will search anything of the world it will never let you put dissatisfied. I will definitely say this a Miracle. This is all the power of management. A good management is a positive view of Powerful managers. Those Powerful Managers are Larry page & Sergey Bin.


Here We Are Going to Know Some More about the company & Young Mr. Larry Page. he had no idea about the making money While he was Initiating up the Startup. he provided A link between the pages & the user. A night vision turns into Many Millions of peoples dream.

Early Life & Education :


Co founder of google & CEO of Alphabet Inc. Born on 23 March 1973 at Michigan. his father Mr. Carl Victor Page, who was computer science professor at Michigan University. His Mother Gloria, was an instructor in Computer Programming at Lyman Briggs College  and at Michigan State University. Page’s Family was Very Serious about the career & at the same point they are also fun loving. Page’s Childhood messed in between Computers, books, Inventions Story, Creative thoughts & Music. page & his parents was very obvious with the computer & time speed. Page played the Saxophone. He always relates the Music with the thought of invention or to do something new.


Page started his early education from Okemos Montessori School, Michigan. In 1991, he graduated from east Lancing high School. He did his bachelor’s In Computer Science from Michigan university & Completed his Master’s In Computer Science From Stanford University. He has also joined the music school as well & at the he discovered the Inkjet Cartridge, which is using in printers All over the world. So he is the inventor of Printer as well. he has also done his PhD in Computer science from Stanford University. He was Very bright & Technology Obsessed Student from the very starting of his school time.


At the time of his PhD he was searching for how to link the pages with the WWW Services ,while he was searching for this creativity he met his fellow PhD classmate Mr. Sergey Brin, who joined the project with the page by changing its name as “Backrub”. when they met, early they have started the bombarding on internet by using the killer technology ideas. they have prepared a Research paper on Web Service Search Engine that was most downloaded Scientific document on the internet that time.


They begin the Backrub Project by submitting the compressed files of students projects. they have put the links between them to reach the original documents & here the page initiated its own Crawler. They initiated the algorithm which is used to connect the one webpage with the another one known as Backlinks. In the starting of this project they have utilized the own rooms by converting them into a machine room & another room in a office of testing & Operations.


Backrub engine written in java & python. this engine runs in Linux. the data base is managed by Sun Ultra Series 2 at primary data storage of 28GB. in early 1997, this profession was taking place in internet history. the world was not ready to admit the Next coming wide project of GOOGLE. the initial searches what comes for the website was increased up to 10,000 per day.

GOOGOL initiated :

In 1998, Page & Brin Presented the Google Inc. & the initial domain name was GOOGOL. this engine was carried the highest no of data that was unpredicted for the whole world. the exploration of the engine was on the shoulder of page & Brin. Page Initiated the search engine first for the University. he connected the information system with the university system & Obviously they got the wide success in this initiation.


in 1999, google has Experimented about the Short area project. where they have tried to make small sized server units so that the search engine can access more no of data in a very small size area. after the successful show of this, they have planned to set their first office setup with the first loan value of $1 million. In 2000, after the setup of office Google had more than 1 billion Url’s included with the 500 million fully text indexed & 500 million partially text indexed URL.


As at most startups, in Google’s first year there were no management layers between the CEO, Page, and the engineers. But as the company grew, it added a layer of managers, people who could meet with Page and the rest of Google’s senior executives and give the engineers prioritized orders and deadlines. Page was very clear about the Google’s Success & he was very clear about his own working style. he said that, Do everything you can yourself to make things go faster, Let the people actually doing the work talk to each other while you go do something else, are more important than age. Just because someone is junior doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect and cooperation. Larry was working over more than 16hr in a day & he also pushed his engineers from developers to data savers for the more efforts.


In 2001, Larry dropped the google CEO position for the acceptance of $50 million investment in silicon valley. Terms was by the side of inventor’s, they wanted that any experienced person will take the position of CEO. After dropping the position of CEO, Eric Schmidt was the new CEO of Google. under his leadership company showed the good growth as well.

Either CEO was Schmidt but for the employees of google main boss was page. Every final Decision made out by Page & Brin. Even the hiring of new engineers & Signature for approval of IPO was made out by Page. Page became passionate about Android, and spent large amounts of $50 million with Android CEO and cofounder Andy Rubin. Page wanted to give simplicity to the peoples by using the Google Service directly on the phone.


Up’s & Down’s of Google :


in 2011, Schmidt left the CEO Position & again Page has took the position in his hand. on 4 April 2011 page again made CEO of the $200 billion company. His managing power was extremely high maintained, he made two major decisions for the positive sake of google. He made a L-team which is contained the seniors vice president, this committee was directly working In the google office & they are going to report the Page Directly. He also made a Senior management team which is working for the most important divisions of the Google like YouTube etc.


But these policies were not so satisfy for the Brin, so they both got argument with each other & page came to know on the positon that they need more dynamic team. Many of products of Google has been Shut Down in 2013. now the main point at that time was the User Interface, which was designed by “Kennedy” they undergo with white space, cleanliness, elasticity, usefulness, and most of all simplicity. that provides a beautiful, mature, accessible and consistent platform for its users. Google has introduced the main product’s Motorola Mobility, Chrome Operating System & google plus. the Android users’ inboxes, Google Maps, Google Flight Search, Google Calendar.


“I think my job as CEO, I feel like it’s always to be pushing people ahead. Said By Page In an Interview 2014.

Alphabet Inc.  This Blog holding Company is introduced in 2015 by Larry Page who became the CEO of this New Venture after handling the position of the CEO of google to Mr. Sundar Pichai.


Google net worth is currently estimated at $200 billion, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world and net Worth of Larry page is $49.3 billion in 2017. Google is Also contributes to renewable energy technology which is endorses plug-in hybrid electric cars and other alternative energy investments.

Fortune, Awards & Honors :


  • In 2009, Page Became the owner of the Superyacht comes equipped with a Helipad, gym, multi-level sun decks, ten luxury suites, a crew of 14.
  • PC Magazine has praised Google as among the Top 100 Web Sites and Search Engines (1998) and awarded Google the Technical Excellence Award for Innovation in Web Application Development in 1999.
  • In 2001, Webby Award & Also the best Search Engine & design Award
  • In 2002, Page was Announced as the Leader Of Tomorrow
  • In 2003, MBA School IE Business School Has given the MBA degree To the Founders Of Google
  • In 2003, Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • In 2011, He ranked in top 30 billionaire of the world
  • In 2015, Google becomes “the most influential company of the digital era”


We have a mantra; don’t be evil, which is to do the best things we know how for our users, for our customers, for everyone. So I think if we were known for that, it would be a wonderful thing”

                                                   – Larry Page


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