Hewlett Packard company (HP) is an American multinational Information Technology organization that provides hardware and software services to small, medium and large sized businesses across industries. It also has an extensive range of IT products to offer. William Hewlett with his friend and partner David Packard began his career in electronic development in 1930.

Their first product from audio oscillator for radio to the co-founder of computer company Hewlett-Packard is a journey of success. he is also known as the father of silicon valley. The One Who Introduced, Silicon Valley as a Fort of technology in the World.

Early Life & Education :


Ranked as one of America’s wealthiest individuals by Forbes Magazine, William Edington Hewlett was born May 20th, 1913 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the son of a successful physician. His father Albion Walter Hewlett was in teaching position at University of Michigan. his Mother Was Louise Hewlett. He was Californian At Starting but than at the age of 3 in 1916, he & his family moved to San Francisco. His early Education held at Lowell High school. & than he moved to the Stanford University, After the death of his father due to cause of brain tumor.

Hewlett’s early academic career was initially unimpressive, hampered by undiagnosed dyslexia. but he developed exceptional memorization and logical skills. Hewlett excelled in mathematics and sciences, that helped him in Stanford university. During his freshman year at Stanford Hewlett met David Packard, Co -Founder of HP.


Hewlett completed his bachelor degree in Electrical engineering in 1934, also continued Master of Science from MIT. Hewlett attended classes taught by Fred Terman at Stanford and became acquainted with David Packard during his undergraduate work at Stanford.


Hewlett married With Flora Hewlett who died in 1966. again he married a with Rosemary Bradford.


Starting Career :

Both Hewlett & Packard, Started their first venture in 1938 was, living quarters. these Startup was nothing but they provided modest houses to the customers.

than they were shifted to the palo alto in California. Packard was shifted with his wife & Hewlett was bachelor. after some time in 1939 he married Stanford biochemist Flora Lamson and with the moral and financial support of Professor Terman turned their Palo Alto garage into the site of their fledgling electronics company.


Starting Of HP:

The organization was founded by William “Bill” Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1939. Hewlett served as an Army officer during World War II in 1940.

The First Task & problem that occurred while establishing the company was the name of HP. Solution of this ultimate problem, decided by a tossing a coin. Hewlett won the toss , that is why company name started with the Hewlett & We See HP as a Company name otherwise this could be PH also. these 25 years aged engineers have spent just $550 for the first time investment or we can say that , this was the initial amount invested for the startup of company.

HP is the first company in the United States to introduce flextime policy for employees, an initiative to encourage work-life balance.


In 1939, HP introduced the first product a Audible oscillator. an audio oscillator marketed for $72 apiece, their first order for 8 of the “HP200B” sold to a client no less prestigious than Walt Disney, who used the devices in creating the sound track for his cinematic masterpiece, “Fantasia”. They were trying their best to make every project possible by their side. When in 1948, world war 2 occurred, HP company’s project was on its peak. So we can say that this war was really very helpful for this startup or growing company. The amount has been collected during that session  was approx. $1.5 million in a year.

From the 1940s forward, William Hewlett was the partner who was commonly found having lunch in the company commissary, or working beside even the greenest designers in the HP project labs. While Packard handled spokesman and civic duties, Hewlett was famed for his kindness and his unshakable faith in his staff. The Tagline presented by the HP founders is ” Trust Its Employee”

the First Calculating device which is introduced by HP in 1974. it was a programmable calculator. In 1980 HP manufactured its first PC named HP-85. In 1982, HP-75C debuted as the first handheld computer and in 1983 the first touch screen PC was devised.


Mr. Hewlett was president of HP from 1964 to 1977, and served as CEO from 1968 to 1978.


Mr. Hewlett dies at the age of 87 ( January 12th, 2001, when he died peacefully in his sleep at his California home of natural causes ) By heart attack.

Market Of HP :

HP introduced the Omni book 300, a supportable PC with extended battery life. In 1994, HP introduced the world’s brightest LED. In 1994, the first HP’s official personal printer-fax-copier was introduced. 2001 witnessed the creation of HP services to provide consulting and outsourcing support and solutions deployment.


In 2002, HP and Compaq merged and subsequently the company’s stock symbol changed to HPQ. In 2010, HP acquired 3PAR, a leading storage provider. In 2011, HP introduced the industries’ first wireless mouse. In 2013, HP came with the revolutionary HP data protector 8.1.

Company & Its Product :


HP Enterprise Business (EB) incorporates HP Technology Services, that Division is the company’s enterprise software unit. Under the office Strategy and Technology come HP Labs, which is the research wing of HP. Net Worth Of William Hewlett was $9 billion. HP is the leading computer & program oriented company with 3,17,500 employees & Brand Value Is $13.2billion with total sell value of $98 billion. Approx. value of its total worth is something more than $120 billion .

Product :


  • Printers
  • Software Products
  • Cloud Product
  • Digital Cameras
  • Scanners
  • Tablets & Computers
  • Mobile 
  • Pocket Computers


Hewlett Foundation : The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, commonly known as the Hewlett Foundation, is a private foundation, established by Hewlett-Packard cofounder William Redington Hewlett and his wife Flora Lamson Hewlett in 1966. The Hewlett Foundation awards grants to a variety of liberal and progressive causes.


it is estimated that William Hewlett and the Hewlett-Packard Co. donated in excess of $300 million to the university and its affiliated organizations and programs.

Awards & Honor :


1.] HP has been in position 80 in the Global 2000 list, called out by Forbes and number 31 in the World’s Most Valuable Brands category.

2.] IEEE Founders Medals

3.] Vermilye Medals

4.] National Medal of science

5.] National Inventors Hall Of fame

6.] Lifetime Achievement Award

7.] Entrepreneur hall of fame


Considered one of the founding fathers of “Silicon Valley” and the American electronics industry, Ranked as one of America’s wealthiest individuals by Forbes Magazine.

The biggest competitive advantage is to do the right thing at the worst time.  – William R Hewlett 



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