Some One Said, Education is the key of success. Yes This is so true because we have seen so many of billionaires in this PIONEER Series who was very much talented with their studies. they have completed their education with the great scholar & that helped them all to make a giant empire. This Pioneer Mr. Gautam Adani is also a well educated & Indian business magnate who is better known as the founder and chairman of the Adani Group.

His Family’s Financial condition was not so good at one time & that in that circumstances he was forced to leave his degree between his education career. and he was dropped out the college So he didn’t completed the Degree but Something was there in his mind that help him to create the Big Billion Account.

Early Life & Education :


Gautam Adani, who is Chairman and founder of Adani Group, born on 24 June 1962, In Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His father Mr. Shantilal Adani, he had a textile business, and mother Shanta Adani who was the House Maker. He Belongs to a Gujarati Jain Family. he has 7 Siblings. Gautam Adani married to Priti Adani. The couple has two sons.


Adani attended the Seth C.N. Vidyalya School in Ahmedabad. He then went to Gujarat University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. He however dropped out of college in the second year. Later he dropped his studies and at the age of 18 came to Mumbai to make living. Gautam did not join his father’s business after leaving college. Instead, at the age of 18 years, he moved to Mumbai with just a few hundred rupees in his pocket. He found work at Mahindra Brothers as a diamond sorter and started learning the trade.

Early Career :


We all revere to the Gujaratis for their sense of business and Gautam Adani proves that beyond an ounce of doubt. This entrepreneur has taken his family business and his own Adani group to new heights and today helps contribute to the growth of Indian economy and infrastructure.He worked as a diamond sorter for two years and at the age of 20, he started his own diamond brokerage outfit. Within a year, the business met with success and Adani ended up making his first million. He was only 20 years old at this time.

in 1981, Adani was called back to Ahmedabad by his elder brother Mahasukh Adani. His entrepreneur brother had bought a new plastic factory and wanted Gautam to help run the business. Mukeshbhai handed over the responsibility to him & he started working with dealings in PVC.


They worked with dealing in PVC, a key raw material for manufacturing plastic. Soon, he began global trading by importing important raw material of manufacturing plastic, Polyvinyl Chloride. He thus became a trader in commodities.

Starting Of Adani Group :


In 1988, Adani established the Adani Enterprises Limited, later known as Adani Export Ltd, and started dealing with agricultural commodities and power. Luck and changes in economy worked in his favor and the liberalization and economic reforms of 1991 helped push the growth of the business and increased revenues and profits for his company. The business grew tremendously and today Adani Group is multi-billion dollar company that diversified its interests in Energy Logistics, infrastructure and Oil and Gas Exploration.

Growth Of Adani Group :


India opened up to liberalization and globalization in 1991. This allowed Adani’s companies to grow rapidly and soon saw windfall profits. Adani used this resultant capital to expand his varied businesses. From there on, there was no turning back and the business grew to new heights, with increased diversification into all kinds of business and industries.


Adani also founded the Adani Power Ltd, the arm of Adani group. It handles the power sector businesses of the Adani Group. It has many thermal power plants which can produce nearly 5,000 MW and hence regarded as the biggest producer of thermal power in India. It also has solar power plants that produce up to 40 MW.


The Gujarat government floated tenders in 1993 for maintenance and running the Mundra Port. Adani Group landed the contract 2 years later. The Mundra Port is currently the biggest privately owned port in the country with the capacity to handle millions of tons of cargo every year.

the growth of the business leading to the vast portfolio of Adani Exports. It traded in numerous types of agricultural and power commodities and is considered as the main company of the Adani Group. Adani group has a widespread portfolio and business undertakings. Gautam Adani, at the helm of the successful conglomerate, is known for his risk appetite and his eye for businesses that he takes to new heights and turn into profitable undertakings. Since 2007, he has been the Chief Executive officer of Mundra and Special Economic Zone Limited. Adani has become one of biggest business tycoons in a span of just 20-25 years.

Net Worth of Adani & Adani Group :


He purchased Beechcraft jet in 2005 and after two years he purchased Hawker in 2007. 2012, Gautam Adani was India’s 11th richest man whose net worth stood at $5.4 billion. He is called to be among 100 most influential business men worldwide in shipping trade and developing shipping related infrastructure. In 2014, Forbes has estimated Adani’s net worth to be around $7.1 billion. Adani group is today a key player in businesses ranging from coal mining and trading, exploration for gas and oil to ports and power generation. Adani group is one of the biggest port operators in the country.

His Net Worth is According to Forbes, his net worth is estimated to be $6.3 billion as of April 2017. He has Many BMW Series Cars Including BMW7.

Adani As a Philanthropist :


Adani Group actively helps in improving fundamental education, promoting health and developing infrastructure in rural areas across India. According to Adani, growth of a nation needs to be all-inclusive and that such growth can only be effective via health and education for all. About three percent of the profits of the Adani Group are donated to this foundation. The Adani Foundation served across many states. they served operational close to six states of the country such as states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha.

The Adani foundation works across many states and the philanthropic undertakings of the groups that are headed by Gautam’s wife.

Honors & Achievement :


  • In 2007, Excellent in Management award.
  • In 2011, He was the sixth richest person in the India.
  • He is called to be among 100 most influential business men worldwide.

It elaborates that there are many businessmen who may take big risks, but none of them come close to Adani as far as facing these challenges with immense conviction and courage is concerned.

“Business is all about risk taking and managing uncertainties and turbulence.”

     –  Gautam SHantilal Adani



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