It is obvious that no business is a smooth business. After undergoing tough challenges of raising funds to technological issues, today LimeRoad enjoys a number of more than 40,000 regular active shoppers on the web. Females have started donning the entrepreneurial role rather swiftly and with ease in India. Today we will be unfolding a story of such a fashionista who made the digital platform her playground. The LimeRoad founder Suchi Mukherjee biography consists of her story, struggles, dreams and goals. Her success story has become quite big now and a lot of people have started scrap booking in the web platform which is owned by founder of LimeRoad website.

The idea of LimeRoad was a sudden storm struck in her mind, while she wanted a piece of jewelry desperately that she found in a magazine, but could not get it as it belonged to a small store in Mumbai. She wanted to open a business that can reach any part of the location and anytime that one desires.

Suchi Mukherjee


The 42-year old, Suchi Mukherjee is presently the proud founder of – a portal that targets the women audience, is a fun and exciting way to discover, share and shop lifestyle products. Personally, she has completed her Bachelors in Arts with specialization in Economics and Math’s from the University of Cambridge and also holds a Masters Degree in Finance & Economics from the London School of Economics.

Her personal life must have been difficult to juggle with work as she had started her career at a very young age. She also worked for brands like eBay, Skype and Gumtree. But now Suchi Mukherjee is the founder and CEO of LimeRoad, India’s largest online discovery platform for women. Although, she always got the deserving role in the companies, she wasn’t really satisfied with her inner self and wanted to do something bigger and better. Her never ending ambitions and restless mind is one of the reasons for the success story of LimeRoad.

Suchi worked with them for almost 2 years and then took one of the wisest decisions of her life; She quit Virgin Media and joined “eBay”. With the way she performed, she was quickly promoted within a year, as the Director and Member of Executive Management Team for “Skype”, which back then was a part of eBay Inc. But She believed online product discovery to be a problem for women and hence started LimeRoad with the vision of building the most extensive delightful discovery platform for lifestyle products.


“LimeRoad is leading the social commerce revolution in India with a focus on winning the two biggest drivers of future online commerce marketplaces-women and mobile.” She is a willful lady who is looking to transform the fashion industry on the digital platform by making products from the South East Asia more visual.

LimeRoad Initiated


Suchi first met Ankush Mehra, their co-founder and Supply chain head, when she was trying to understand the nuances of setting up a business in India. She desperately wanted to do something of her own, something which could fill the gap in the society, something that would fulfil the needs of many and to so – she built

There was no consumer technology that made the discovery of lovely accessories and products easy and entertaining. there was no platform from which one could access the list’s of products that were manufactured and shipped out of India, one of the world’s largest manufacturing hubs.

The site provides a range of some of the most innovative, unique and interesting lifestyle products across categories like apparel, accessories, home and non-perishable food collected from carefully selected retailers. they have a craze for shopping trendy clothes and accessories. The website offers a range of enticing accessories, bewitching apparel, and alluring jewelry. One of the advantages of shopping on LimeRoad is that it deals with adorable and affordable lifestyle products.

LimeRoad Expanded :


She wanted to build a platform where one could find gorgeous, affordable lifestyle products in an extremely easy to discover interface. She being a woman, knew that women love the different and out-of-the-box stuff, and that product discovery in lifestyle was indeed a very hard problem to solve.

She wanted to capitalize on this untapped opportunity. Her aim was to simply bring all the vendors who produce high quality affordable products under one roof, via an easy to use interface to enable the discovery. One of the advantages of shopping on LimeRoad is that it deals with adorable and affordable lifestyle products. Suchi’s motive is to ensure comfortable and convenient shopping for and by women. Online shopping brings the vendors and audience close in a much efficient manner.


Neha Dhupia is the Style Director at LimeRoad. Neha has been part of the LimeRoad Style Council since 2013 and will now join the core team to play a pivotal role as Style Director of India’s leading social shopping platform. Suchi Mukherjee hot pics have her wearing really fashionable clothes reflecting the quality of products she sells on her web platform. As of now the Limeroad website review is quite good and the Limeroad website funding has been successful so far. includes,


  • Women Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Footwear
  • Designer tops
  • jeans,
  • jeggings
  • shorts
  • skirts
  • palazzos
  • Indian outfits
  • Home décor etc. for a valuation of $375,459 USD. They are self-builders of their career.





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