Ranveer Singh, the star of Bollywood, is being praised for his amazing roles and characterization in various films. From Ram Bhai in Ram-Leela to Bajirao in Bajirao Mastani, he has delivered some amazing his mesmerizing performances.

Yet, he always tries to compare himself with some great actors, Heath Ledger, in this case. He always tries to make sure that audience believes that he is that much mentally unstable as the late actor & legend “Heath Ledger” was after performing the role of Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight.

First time, he compared himself with Heath Ledger, after the shoot of Bajirao mastani when the actor commented “I fear if I go in, I may not come back, like Heath Ledger!”.

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Like seriously, the guy is just comparing himself with the Legendary superstar. Now we are not saying that Bajirao was an easy role to complete but comparing with Ledger’s amazing performances, it was no more than a class cord play.

But this time, He tried to compare his Alauddin Khilji performance in his upcoming movie “Padmavati”, with the legendary “Heath Ledger’s” Joker and “Malcom Mcdowell”.



rolled and was not being even considered by the fans of the legends and they responded in some harsh way to Ranveer’s portrayal of him as being a great superstar.



Now these harsh tweets by the people came for the actors photo collage.

We are not trying to say that he is not a good actor or something like that, but in order to be in the league and trying to create such fake legacy by Ranveer is completely trash and useless.

His statements about his mentally unstableness and his comments comparing him with legends makes him no legend as a true legend just does his own work instead of comparing himself with the people.

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