OYO a budget hotel brand has been on a development and expansion spree. It operates in more than ten countries since its inception, the Softbank backed company has picked up over $1.7 billion in funding.

It is in the best interest for early investors to exit from this Indian startup which is the third highest. DSG Consumer partner, an early stage investment firm has taken an exit from OYO.

It is truly a notable development-DSG has evolved as one of the main sources of Indian startup with over $5 billion valuations with being an early investor of OYO. VC firm had invested $1,25,000(about ₹80 lakh) in OYO in 2014 when OYO was valued merely $1.5 million.

It was a venture capital for OYO in May 2014 where Lightspeed invested $475K.

DSG Consumer partners sold 414 Series A CCPS to Softbank, selling its share for the first time in 2016. Afterward, in 2017 it sold its 717 series A1 CCPS to Softbank.

However, it’s not clear whether 297 Series B CCPS owned by the company were even sold to another investor or owned till the time it made the final exit.

0.46% stake (including Series B CCPS) or 0.13% stake (excluding Series B CCPS ) was held by VC at the time of exit in December last year, separately considering both the scenarios.

In the first case, the company made about $23 million and secondly $6.5 million. Earlier this week, DSG had 4X return on its investment citing resources, a Dealstreet Asia’s report revealed.

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