Virat Kohli, Indian Captian and Anushka Sharma, Bollywood actor tied a knot of bond a.k.a married each other on 11th December in a private ceremony in Italy.

9byhalf, congratulates them First, and here is a complete timeline of Virat & Anushka’s Love affair. From lovers to Married Couple, they had covered a complete journey.

Begnning of Romance :

Early romance hit off in 2013  when they shot a commercial together. Soon people also started to note that there is something which is knocking off in between these two.

In January 2014, when Team India returned from the South Africa tour, Anushka sent her car to receive Virat at the Mumbai airport.

However, Anushka denied again and again that she is just texting and calling as a friend, and nothing more is there in between.

Later on, King Khan SRK made Virat to admit that something is brewing in between them.

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Virat flew down from UAE in 2014 IPL tournament to India just for Anushka’s 26th Birthday Bash. She was shooting for her upcoming movie “NH-10” by that time.



In January 2015, Anushka joined Virat in Melbourne, where he was playing the India-Australia Test series. Pictures of the cricketer blowing a kiss to Anushka after scoring a century in one of the matches followed and this took media into a storm.

virat kissing anushka


Finally, Anushka admitted this relationship in front of media. “We are just two normal young people in a relationship, but being a public figure, relationship becomes a topic of entertainment and for me it is not that. For me it is very very pure. I don’t want to put it out there to be discussed over a cup of coffee,” Anushka’s statement about Virat.


She later admitted in 2015 while Filmfare Magazine interview that “yeah, I am dating Virat”.


In this year, there was a speculation that the couple decided to call it off because Anushka rejected Virat’s proposal to get married and settle down because of career ambitions.

But, it seems that finally She had to bow in front of the Captain proposal and 10th December, 2017, they tied a knot in Italy, finally bounding each other in their love forever.











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