At Samsung’s electronics developer conference last year, Samsung Electronics announced their plans to launch the foldable smartphone. Since then, other popular smartphone manufacturers such as Oppo and Huawei are also confirmed that they are working on their own versions of the foldable smartphones. Huawei confirmed the launch of a foldable phone that supports 5G in mid-2019 and another Chinese player OPPO confirmed to launch the foldable phone at MWC 2019. Another South Korean company LG also preparing to unveil their foldable smartphone soon.

According to the new report, Cupertino-based brand Apple is expected to launch its foldable display phone in 2020. As per the reports, instead of going for a foldable phone with a screen that folds inwards, Apple would go for a wrap-around screen. In the simple words, the screen instead of being hidden inside would be present on the outer side of the phone.

“Compared to the wrap-around display phone — which Apple seems to be looking into as one possible design for its foldable model — Casalegno said Samsung’s in-folding display phone could provide better experiences for users in terms of design,” The Korean Herald quoted the head of Samsung Design Innovation Center, Federico Casalegno, as saying.

Remarkably, while the device with the outward display would be easier to implement given the bigger turn radius, it would make the smartphone little bulkier. It is worth to mention that the first foldable iPhone will not be released before 2020 and by then a lot of things can change.

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