Only after the release of the new iPad Pro 2018, After the JP Morgan Informed that Apple Might Lose Its Crown of a Trillion Dollar company, apple loses its Trillion Dollar Crown on this Sunday with Current Valuation of 924 Billion Dollars.

It all happened during a time where apple released new set of gadgets which includes iPad Pro 2018, MacBook Air, and other things. The apple stock come down by around $9 on the gone sunday which brings down the valuation of apple.

But as we are thinking, this might be temporary as according to our estimates where apple stock has rised upto 22% in this year, the stock might climb which will retain the apple valuation again to 1 Trillion but till than, APPLE is just like OTHER COMPANIES.


And It will be fun to watch whether Amazon Can beat Apple this time to be the Trillion Dollar Company.

So this is now Apple Vs Amazon.

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