Meet Ajit Doval, also popularly known as Indian James Bond by Pakistani media. Our respected Prime Minister, Narendra Modi allotted him the post of his National Security Advisor. It gave Doval the responsibility of talks with arch-rival Pakistan. He goes to visit various arms manufacturers in order to discuss strategic scopes and orchestrates all the responses to military attacks.



His part in the 1988 military operations, Operation Thunder Black which flushed Sikh separatists from the Golden Temple in Amritsar is the most famous one. A retired army officer Karan Kharb who was one of the National Security Guard Commandos involved in the incident said that Doval disguised as a rickshaw puller to enter into the temple. He had convinced militants inside that he was a Pakistani operative who had come to help them in the goal of establishing Khalistan. Indian commandos had gone up to the temple twice in the previous years, including an assault session in 1984 which had several soldiers and pilgrims dead. This tempted outrage among the Sikhs worldwide and initiated the assassination of the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, who had ordered the strike. But this time the militants surrendered.



He had lived in Pakistan for 7 years as an undercover spy and passed on vital information. After that, he worked in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad for six years. To mention a few more of his achievements would be the massive hijacking of IC-814 at Kandahar. His negotiating skills led to the freedom of the hostages. Further, he has terminated 15 hijacking from 1971 to 1999.


In 1986, as a field agent, he had infiltrated the underground Mizo National Front. It was led by Pu Laldenga. This Front was waging an insurgency against our country. He produced differences between its top leaders and negotiated them to settle for peace. The MNF were gravely discouraged and a 20 years old insurgency broke down like this.



He had also persuaded Kashmiri militant Kuka Parray and his troops to try and become counter terrorists. This paved the way for the 1966 elections in Jammu and Kashmir. He also has the credit of the youngest police officer to get the Police Medal for his meritorious service. This took him a meager 6 years of service. In June, 2014, at a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq, he played an important role in the safe return of 46 Indian nurses trapped in a region under the control of ISIS.



Not just a spymaster but Doval is a great strategist as well. He has negotiated several like Yasin Malik, pro-PAK SAS Geelani and Shabbir Shah. He has huge command over psychological warfare. His numerous exploits especially the Operation Black Thunder gained him India’s second highest peacetime gallantry award, Kirti Chakra.

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