In today’s scenario, salaries are not just enough for a living. With the surging population and the limited jobs, people get paid less compared to the living standards. Besides, the costs are always inflating. So, if you are in this ‘struggle for existance’, start looking for some side work to last you in a better way.

Look around, you see your computer? Have the internet? That’s it. That is all you need to make some good money besides the boring 9 to 5 job.


1. Drop-shipping

Alex Tenorio is the mastermind behind Dropship Masterminds. He has been earning aliving through drop-shipping. This involves selling stuff that you never physically touch. Drop-shippers take the orders and proceed to forward them to a larger store which doesn’t have quite sufficient online order capabilities. They may even take it to the manufacturer directly. It has provided him a steady and consistent income.


2. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

This is another efficient way to be making money online. Amazon FBA is an efficient way to make money online because besides been a proven and powerful business model, it provides you with an online marketplace that has over 310 million active customers. FBA warehouses everything and ships your product with Amazon Prime. This platform not just allows your products to be sold but also opens up the door to some serious profits.


3. Digital Products

Kimra Luna is the founder of Freedom Hackers and she has sold over 5,000 digital products in the form of courses. Physical products seem too much of a trouble to you? No problem. Digital products will keep you earning. Digital Product roughly translates to a proprietary information in a nice package.


4. Virtual Assistant

If building and selling is not something you prefer, there are other options as well. You can always become a virtual assistant. Your job will be pretty much similar to that of personal assistants. But not everybody needs an all time worker. So, as long as you can execute the tasks alloted to you. You can manage to make plenty of money.


5. Consulting

You find more comfort in the realm of business strategies? You could become a consultant. You will make money for addressing and solving the day-to-day problems in the world of business and also help companies see the scope for future development.


6. Coaching

From athletes to students to everybody, people are in dire need of coaches. Someone who can help them fulfill their dreams and goals. Actionable, honest and worthy advices are needed to propel them forward. You can make money out of this just by knowing how to transform someone into their best version.


7. Copywriting

Copywriting is a rare skill that not many people know how to execute and those that do know, not many of them do the job quite properly. If you can write words molded into sentences that sell, you are in the business and can earn a decent amount.


8. Ecommerce

It is a growing era of e-commerce or e-business. Sell anything online, be it someone else’s items or your very own. Etsy and Shopify and related platforms make it pretty easy to execute by doing away with all the technical stuff. Your job is to create, sell and ship. You need to be good at running operations and sell stuff that people want to buy. That’s it you are good to go.


9. Startups

Startups indeed are a risky venture. But once it is on, it is on. In this virtual era, you can set up a virtual office and execute all the operations with the ease of communication. You will be your own boss and would not require following orders. Besides get the best employees from anywhere. Location and distance are no more a problem.

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