At some point in time, a girl needs someone to take care of him, make sure that she should be cared, adored and loved by someone who will love her with his full heart. But sometimes, love is not the only thing, a girl wants. Here are 7 perfect benefits of having a hot-shot yet caring boyfriends.

1. Stress Buster :
A boyfriend can be a great stressbuster. Playing little games while you are doing something, teasing you in the middle of your work. Whenever you are feeling low, a great boyfriend can cheer you up in seconds.


2. Gift Store :
Your birthday – check, your anniversary – check, anything and everything a boyfriend can do are to make sure he remembers the IMPORTANT dates and make those dates amazing with some gifts and lots of love. A boyfriend makes sure that you shall be having the best time in being the relationship.

9byhalf couple gifts


3. Excuse Him :
Your friends want you with them? Well, you can make an excuse that your boyfriend is sick and you are with him for the day and they do not even mind. They will think of you as a great girlfriend who takes cares of his guy whenever in need.



4. Sex anytime :
Well, this won’t be true for many couples, but yeah a foreplay and a passionate kissing can be made anytime available if you have your boyfriend with you. Science too tell us the importance of a kiss in stress and one should have at least three kisses a day to make a day countable.

inti - 9byhalf


5. A show off :
Well, you can make sure that people around you are happy to see you in a relationship, which do not happen by the way so you can make sure that you are now happy with someone who is hot and is loving.

9byhalf beay


6. Fix Master :
From your Television to bra hook, a boyfriend can fix almost anything and everything you wish for. He will make sure that you shall be having everything safe and sound in one single piece.

bf fix - 9byhalf

7. A Personal Security :
For some girls, their boyfriend can be a security personal too who will make sure that creeps will stay out from you because he will make sure that you are safe and sound. On the contrary, if your boyfriend is too weak to make sure that you are secured, well then you can make sure that he shall hit gym more often.




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