Every bachelor, at least once in his life, dreamt to visit an exotic place to make sure that he can check one thing in his life which is worth remembering. Here are 5 destinations every bachelor should visit before Nirvana.


1.Las Vegas : 

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It is unarguably is one of the most popular bachelor destination in the world, famous for Booz, wine, girls, bars, strip clubs and much more a bachelor can dream of. Sin City, the famous name for Las Vegas is affordable for all as you can have fun on any budget you think of. The dance clubs, the food, drinks, and women doing acrobats are the most famous scene on the streets of Vegas.

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2. Bangkok : 

Known as the Asia’s most raunchy tourist destinations, Bangkok has its own perks and reputation for a bachelor trip. You will be finding amazing bars, with tattooed girls, skinny and thin and mostly in revealing dress. People in Bangkok knows their job for tourist and it will be one hell of a trip to be remembered for a lifetime.

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Exotic women on sandy beaches, playing, sunbathing, roaming, with an evening with an amazing sunset with Booz flowing all over and people roaming and partying all night. This is a typical scenario in Brazil’s capital city of Rio. Famous for hosting Olympics last time, Rio is quite a city to be visiting before a boring life.

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4. Goa :

Short in name, while long in nights, Goa is famous in India to be the most dreamed place for any Indian male to visit once. Famous for girls, beaches, and the amazing vibe, goa is once a visit for the people.  Goa is considered as the most loved tourist destinations for bachelors across all the other places.

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5. Amsterdam : 

If you think of cannabis cafes, sex shops, bars and exotic women all in one place, the first city that should come to your mind is Amsterdam. You can go to extreme levels of imagination of your bachelor party in this city.

You can have a strip tease dinner, with the stripper dancing atop your dining table, or go for a nude painting workshop where a nude model will await you with a big smile and let you paint him/ her with your chalk and skills.

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Apart from these, if you have any other place in mind, do mention in the comments below.

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