9byhalf wishing all the viewers, “A VERY HAppy Holi”  

Every festival is incomplete without any relative Songs of that particular event. Holi already is a bomb blasting mood joying festival which is incomplete without the songs & dance. When you are ready with the colorful faces & full on joy mood to break the floor, this Holi fest becomes itself a memory for long lasting years.

So there are Some Holi songs which always revolves in our mind & do complete our Holi party always….

Bollywood has always celebrated Holi in the grand & trending way, So this Holi, while you are chasing the best Gifts don’t forget to shake your leg on these iconic numbers.

“Rang Barse”


Amitabh Bacchan is the charm of this song. Being sung by legendary Amitabh bachan and written by harivansh rai bachan, this song is on the top of the list for every holi party. 

holi ke din Dil Khil jaate hai 


From story to dialogues, nearly everything about sholay is famous. This is a hit song amongest all generations and simply cannot be missed when you are totally immersed in playing Holi.



This song is yet popular and pops in the mind of people as soon we think of Holi. The song also has the beautiful Dream girl dancing on the Holi beats. 

balam Pichkari 


A poppy song, loads of colors, fun friends and hardcore dance, a Holi party can’t get any better. This is that poppy song that can make anyone stand and dance on its beats.

Badri ki dulhaniya


Alia & Varun Has Made a beautiful Holi Scene with the love chemistry between them. The Beautiful alia & the charming varun has made blasting fun mood & to cherish the Holi moment on top by cracking the songs Beat. 

aaj na chhodenge 


This song from the 1970 film “kati patang” was brought to life by Asha Parekh and Rajesh Khanna, bringing romance, fun and open flirting out in the open.

ang se ang lagana


the Young actors of that time shahrukh khan, Sunny deol & Juhi chawla was the lead actors & they both along came with this song, which is a favorite amongst Holi enthusiasts. Add this to your playlist and have fun.

holiya me ude re gulal


Ila Arun has her unique singing style had made many songs popular and struck in our minds for years. Holiya is one such song which you must save to your playlist.

Soni Soni ankhiyon wali 


This song from the Yash Raj camp was yet another blockbuster like all of the other songs in the movie. A sure hit amongst those who are in love, this is yet another must-play song at Holi parties.

Lets Play Holi 


Anu Malik crooning to ‘Do Me A Favour, Let’s Play Holiii!’ Starring Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra, is a must amongst the younger crowd.

Jai Jai Shiv Shankar 


A great dance song to enjoy your party even more. How can any Holi party be complete without bhang? And where there is bhang, there has to be this song featuring Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz.

So Hit The Music On High Beats & Enjoy the Holi with full on masti …..

Be A SAFE & HAPPY HOLI But “Don’t Get Drunk” 

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