Richa Gautam, the former diversity and inclusivity head of Tech Mahindra and current group head for training, was accused of homophobia by a large number of former employees. On Saturday evening, this was followed by an investigation and Richa was sacked.

Tech mahindra tweeted to former employee Gautam Probir Pramanik, who had first gone public with the accusations, on September 9th stating :“@gauravpramanik, arising out of an investigation carried out in the matter, the concerned employee has been separated from the employment of the company with immediate effect. At Tech Mahindra, we believe in diversity & inclusion & condemn discrimination of any kind in the workplace.” Anand Mahindra, Mahindra Group Chairman, who is travelling abroad and Tech Mahhindra CEO, CP Gurnani both retweeted the official response.

Replying to the same, Gaurav Pramanick tweeted, “I stand vindicated. Thank you to all those who’ve been steafastly supporting me. I have nothing but appreciation for all your support and words of encouragement.”

Pramanik had called out on his former boss, Gautam on her bigotry and homophobic statements though she held the chair of diversity and inclusivity head and also the chair of sexual harassment committee. Pramanik told MumbaiMirror, “I stand victimed. However, I would still like to see more done in terms of policies to check such bigotry and homophobia in the corporate sector. At Tech Mahindra, simply firing someone doesn’t absolve the company of the responsibility of retaining the employee concerned in the system for so many years, despite her fairly well-known and bigoted stand on many issues.”

A Tech Mahindra spokesperson regarding the investigation said, “My understanding is that there weren’t any formal complaints before. This person (Pramanik) left a while ago, but without filing an official compliant. We only got to know about it after he went public on social media. But of course, there is always space to be more careful and stringent.” The developments taking place at Tech Mahindra show the need for a better sensibility for gender of all the workplace employees.

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