Our Bollywood movies have always been a bit sensitive when it comes to religious sentiments of the mass. But since forever, making fun of Gods and Hindu culture and referring to various characters from devotion has always been the first choice of filmmakers in comedy scenes. Often, such scenes end up expressing wrong and invalid shades of Hinduism.


  1. Latest Bollywood movie that goes by the name, “Love per square foot,” stars Vicky Kaushal had such a train scene. The couple was having a conversation about public romance and all of a sudden, both seem to lose control. The boy came close to her and kisses her lips saying, “Raghukul reet sadaa chali aai, Pran jaye par ‘pappi’ na jaye.” Such references are absolutely useless. There is no point in using that sentence as a pickup line.

The lines represent the joy and elation of Raghukul. It is a symbol of pride of lord Rama’s family. It roughly translates saying that they would go any length to fulfill their promise. Here the boy is evidently promising a ‘pappi’.


2. ‘Radha on the dancefloor’… You decide to attend a more than grand, out of the world marriage ceremony and to garner attention and flaunt your body, you need to dance on ‘Radha’? You call her referring to as ‘Radha likes to party.’ When and where has it been mentioned that our Krishna’s devotee, Radha likes to party and to further add, you adnoun her as ‘Sexy’.

Being rich and modern should not mean that you can humiliate goddesses. Is this the way the GenZ should respect our deities?


3. PK. An alien lands on Earth and creates a lot of hullabaloo which the film follows.

The film makes several sharp and taunting comments on religion. Like, wasting gallons of milk on God, Indian superstitions and a lot more. The guy fails to differentiate between actual God and a natak’s character. That’s okay but what was the point in making the make up character run through everywhere, through houses of people and even hiding beneath chairs. All this just to make the public laugh?


4. A movie based on the sex trade had the name ‘Lakshmi’. The leading lady would not have survived if named something else. Her name had to be Lakshmi!


5. ‘Character Dheela’. Radha-Krishna is a frequently referred to topic in Bollywood. But wait, to what extent does one need to do that?

So much so that one makes an entire song depicting that if Krishna does it, then it is ‘Rasleela’ but if Sallu does it, then he is ‘Character Dheela’. Radha-Krishna’s is a completely different story. It is a pious and true relationship beyond all of our understanding. Times are here when we have been demoted to such a level to be making songs ridiculing our Gods.


There are numerous other anecdotes to be referred to. The way Bollywood has been humiliating and ridiculing Hinduism is pathetic. The makers of such films should understand the outcomes and impacts of this on our society and the future generation. Movies are the most instant and effective way to create an impression and that needs to be done wisely.

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