1. The hidden meaning of the Logo

The logo looks quite asymmetrical and disturbing to the eye with that horizontal line in between. If you imagine it without that line, it would be perfectly symmetrical. It is actually an amalgamation of ‘S’ and ‘G’ of Sacred Games. Have a look at the logo construction here:

Also, the top leads of the series, Sartaj Singh and Ganesh Gaitonde’s initials are ‘S’ and ‘G’. Rings a bell? The original inspiration for the logo was taken from the ‘Endless Knot’ of the Ashta-Mangalas (Eight Auspicious Signs) of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.


3. Hindu-Islamic Domes in the Title song

In the title track, two domes are shown back to back. The former one is an interior dome of a mosque which includes Islamic art and architecture. The latter one is a Hindu temple’s interior dome. Both these are displayed at 15th and 16th seconds of the title track and go well with the the Hindu-Muslim undertone of the series.


4. Indus Civilization Symbols in the Title track

It is pretty spottable and alluring that the actors’ and the crews names, which appear during the title track have an impressive font. First, they pop up in the form of some fashionable letters and then get decrypted into the names which are readable.Well, these are some very legitimate symbols from the grammar of the Indus Valley Civilization (2600-1900 BC).

The makers took some symbols which looked similar to the English alphabets and copy pasted them. So the similar look gives a feel of history and ancient times. Also, these fading of symbols into English alphabets indicate Sartaj Singh’s role. He has to decrypt the mystery looming around and save the city, all in just 25 days.


5. Hidden Meaning behind every episode title

Related image

Every episode’s title has been derived from Hindu mythological epics or stories and has a meaning to it. Ashwathama was Dronacharya’s son, who was cursed to live forever. He was brought up in harsh conditions and despite being good enough, always had to face problems in life. Gaitonde compares himself to Ashwathama saying that no matter what happens, he won’t die and would live forever. He too was raised in difficult conditions and was a son of a Brahmin. Not just the first episode all the other seven follow the same rule. The other episodes are Halahala, Atapi Vatapi, Brahmahatya, Sarama, Pretakalpa, Rudra and Yayati.


6. Some other facts

The series is based on a 900 page novel of the same name written by Vikram Chandra. It took about ten long years to write the eight episodes of ‘Sacred Games’. It is actually the story of how Bombay became Mumbai. It is India’s first Netflix Original series which went live in 190 countries across the globe. Netflix never wanted to deliver this show in English. It was shot within a short span of 150 days in Mumbai. The actress Kubra who played a transgender, wore a prosthetic penis in between her thighs. the sound track is an amalgamation of two songs ‘Jungli Sher’ and ‘Kaam 25’ both by rapper Divine. Also, the series has been shot in locations which were untouched by camera before.


Source: Quora

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