According to the recent bloomberg report, Indian Business Tycoon & Magnate Mr. Mukesh Ambani has surpassed Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma as the Richest asian person with a net worth of $44 Billion as of July, 2018. Ma on the other hand posses a net worth of $43.6 Billion as of July, 2018.

Mukesh ambani is the chairperson of Reliance Industries that holds oil & telecomm business in India. Ma on the other hand is the chairman of Alibaba group, which is one of the biggest E-Commerce & Technology company in china after Tencent.

Ambani doubled it petrochemicals capacity which added a net sum of $4 Billion into his net worth which made this possible. Adding all together, Ambani is now rank on number 14th of the Billionaires list, one step ahead of Jack Ma who is at number 15th at the current bloomberg index.

The other billionairs in the list are :

  1. Jeff Bezos who stands with a net worth of $150 Billion Dollars, currently the CEO & Chairman of Amazon. Inc.


2. Bill Gates who currently holds a net worth of $90 Billion is second in the list.


3. Mark Zuckerberg, the chairman and CEO of Facebook is ranked 3rd in the list with the net worth of $81 Billion.


4. Warren Buffet, the great investor legend is ranked 4th in the list who is currently the chairman of Berkshire Hathway.




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