Since, there’s always been the trendsetting war between men fashion and women fashion, the evolution of Unisex fashion had begun. But as of now, we see another trend setting couture by the designers worldwide for the heat that’s yet to set in.


The men fashion doesn’t cease to hit the blow after the arrival of Male fashion Spring Summer 2018 collections. So, here are the quickies to get you trendier and sexier for this Summer..

  1. Vertical stripes


These are something to die for… be it the upper body or bottoms, it Just looks perfect all over to have those vertical stripes on a man’s outfit.

  1. Dad jeans


The dad jeans is the Summer focused bottom to feel uncaptured at the ankles, and free below the knee, and comfortable at the most.

  1. The classic prints


Back again in Fashion are none other than the super, super loved and regal, The classic prints. Any shirt with a classic print and a ripped jeans is a complete Turn On.

  1. Windbreaker jackets


Well, these add up to allover attire of a boy to make him Look like a man. Woahh, what a transformational addition to a simple T and just trousers! Windbreakers can be worn to protect sun Tan, Master a casual look, or a sports wear(many use it as a raincoat).

  1. The Tonal outfits


This idea is my personal favourite. The Tonal Outfits are the clothes of same colour, but varying with a little scale up or scale down shades, texture, or maybe just patterns. To beat the heat, and to not waste time hunting for the colour contrast outfits, the concept of Tonal Outfits is just LOVE!

  1. Tropical prints


To express that the summer’s arriving not only in Hawaii but all over, Here are the beautifully designed, tropical printed shirts which when worn with a pair of capri or shorts, give you a COMPLETE  summer look.

  1. The side lined trousers


Now this is again a super comfy yet stylish thing to wear on and show off. The colours available are ample which makes it easy to Pair it with any of your favourite Basic Tee and your windbreaker would complete the look.

  1. Checks


And the all season’s favourite Checks are never going anywhere..chekered shirt, pants, tie, blazers, everything,every god damn checkered thing if worn right can Rule anywhere, anytime.

So, here was All about the summer male fashion, 2018. to know the latest trends and Summer must haves for a girl wardrobe, check it out :

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