People are so much indulged in Multi-tasking these days that there ain’t ANY Time to pause a minute and realize there’s a “headache” or a “panic attack” affecting their Work!

Where does this all begin..? STRESS


What is Stress?

It is a mental state of not being able to focus upon an activity (so much that the acetyl choline functions in the body get disturbed) because of being unprepared or already worried about it.

  • Deadlines,
  • The Big Budget,
  • Meetings,
  • Chris Gayle playing for Kings XI,
  • Career expectations,
  • Family,
  • Dhinchak Pooja,
  • Girlfriend,
  • Boyfriend,
  • No recent picture of Taimur
  • Kids (well, “Peeing in the pants” monsters ARE the hell of a Stress)

We let Stress rule our thoughts and actions and as a result, We end up multi tasking and Gaining Diseases out of it .

Let’s discuss some of the Much Needed Stress Busters for our Daily Stressed out Lives.

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So, whenever you feel it upon your head, try these –

  1. Stress Ball


Squeeze it hard and feel the frustration leaving your mind as you relax back the ball to its normal state. This helps a lot in releasing the mental pressure from your mind.

  1. Eating Spinach

Spinach is a rich source of magnesium which helps in relaxing the contracted  brain cells to relax and provide you with a chilled out state. Remember, Popeye always used to be the Happy Sailor man?(minus the annoying olive)

  1. Write that shit out

Try writing the source of your stress and all the problems you’re dealing while facing that, On a Paper. Read it once, and Tear the crap out, and THROW IT AWAY.It actually provides a psychological state of conquering a battle, and relief..

giphy (1)

Don’t forget to dump the litter into the dustbin once you’re done.

  1. Have Green Tea


Green tea is the best for your increasing metabolism and lowering stress levels in brain and body. Therefore, While having a tensed phase, green tea can be a Healer.

  1. Music

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Why take a therapy when you got access to internet..? THERE ARE Numerous of ‘Relaxation Music’ AUDIO CLIPS available over the web and Youtube. Whenever you feel an insomnia due  to the  hyper activities of your brain, just tune into some good Healing music.

Here, I got one for you:


  1. Dark chocolates

Stress, blood pressure levels, mood, skin, … Can’t explain enough the numerous benefits of cocoa and Theobromine. Dark chocolates are a boon to every person on Earth. Eat and forget the shit. Remember, the bitter the better.

  1. Discuss

Ever heard of the saying :”Talking leads to resolving”? Sometimes it can be quite a little problem which you might be stressing over.. discuss it with your near ones, and try reaching the best possible solution.





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