Google Duo

Google Duo is relatively the basic application, but the idea behind it is that it’s simple to use and gets the job done. FaceTime is very similar, and works in the same way as the Duo application works. The user pick a contact, start a video call and then click the screen to bring up options such as switching between both the front and rear cameras, mute the microphone or end the call.

There is no group calling, no instant messages, just person-to-person video calls. The user can’t even move the thumbnail of their video around the screen as they can with the other services. At least the video rotates if the user hold their phone in the landscape mode.


Duo has a couple of special highlights, the ability to see the caller’s video stream before the  answer (Knock Knock) and it can switch between the Wi-Fi and mobile data without dropping the call. Currently Knock Knock only works on the Android devices, but the capability is built into the iOS 10 platform, so it could be added to the iPhone application soon.


FaceTime is a video calling application, and is available over the Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G. the user can make a voice call – FaceTime audio – if the user recipient device doesn’t have a front camera, or the user just prefer not to be seen – only heard. Often, audio quality is better than a merely conventional phone call.

How to get-

Google Duo

Google Duo is now available on the Indian play store at free of cost. As of 19 August, it’s now available globally in every country in which the user can access Google services.

When the user set the app up, they need to link it with a phone number. This doesn’t have to be the number of the device itself, so the user can install the app on a tablet as well as a on the phone.

The Facetime application

The facetime application is available for all the platforms now, like the Android, iOS and the Windows PC. The application can be downloaded from the official website of the application.

Features of Google Duo and Facetime Application-

The facetime application-

  • Amazing Video and Audio Calling application
  • Send messages to individuals or groups in bulk
  • Amazing stickers and Emojis
  • Make Free of cost International Calls
  • Share videos, photos and Audio Messages
  • Available for all the platforms like iOS, Android and for PC


Google Duo-

  • The Google Duo application is available for the ios and Android platform.
  • This application is developed by the Google officially.
  • The Google Duo application allows end to end encryption of messages.
  • The main highlight of the Google Duo application is its Knock Knock feature on Android which lets the user to see caller before they answer


As per the conclusion, both the application is best. And both the application is used widely among the users around the globe. Both the application has its unique highlights.

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