Being the first article of the “How To” Series, this will provide you a simple solution for starting an E-Commerce Business with the lowest cost possible. This is for student entrepreneurs and medium level people who can not afford much on development but want to start making money from E-Commerce.

1. Website :

Now, the website is the face of your business, and smaller and bigger companies take most of your money in order to give you the best websites in the name of pre-developed solutions. Now, you can get a website in around INR 10,000 or around $150 just with complete added solutions. How? lets talk.

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Try to develop the first frame of the website using a CMS. WordPress will be an excellent choice and you can set up your complete business on that using a free or a paid theme. Many free themes are also good but paid themes will give you an added advantage. The money of the paid themes will also be added to the development cost if you talk to the developer directly before giving away the project. Plugins and all those things in WordPress will give you an added advantage for a complete E-Commerce website which you can start from scratch.


2. SSL and Security : 

You can start with free SSL by or websites like that which will give you free SSL certificate for the trust of your website for three months. You can later reapply for free SSL with different email id and you shall be getting the SSL certificate again. Add that certificate on your website using a plugin (if you are using WordPress) or through CPanel of the website.



3. Hosting :

This can be bit tricky but look for shared hosting. Try to contact with someone who had an unlimited hosting and ask them to park your domain in some nominal cost. Another alternative for this can be taking your own web hosting account for one WordPress website with unlimited data storage from websites like GoDaddy, hostinger and all.



4. Payment Gateways :

Now, this can be tricky if you are not registered. Companies like Instamojo will give you a payment gateway for your website if you are not registered as well but you will be having some limit. Getting registration done, will make it more feasible for your business and installation of payment gateway will be much more easy for the website.



5. Products:

This can be a challenging thing if you do not have your own products. You can start with Oberlo or AliDropshipping where these people will supply products to your website at some nominal price. You can sell them at your rates and profit will be yours once you pay them their cut. This is something called as Dropshipping as well, which we later cover in more of our articles as well.



6. Marketing techniques:

In order to start with the marketing solutions, you can go with Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing etc. Facebook, however is the best medium to start with. Create a facebook page for your business, start by $50 per month or around INR 3,000 per month and for sure you business will pick up. Facebook will start getting likes your business while your product selling will be started as well. Once you started to generate revenue, you can go to offline marketing tactics as well like word of mouth, media marketing etc.



Apart from all these,  you need to focus on some niche market products, and start targetting your potential buyers, because ultimately that will be something which will be great. Focus more on making a brand rather that just another shopping website.

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