There are a lot of different types of headphones which are available in the market, and we’re going to let you know through all of the different variants. Nowadays, there are the smallest, easiest to store and carry, easiest to wear and are usually also the cheapest kind of headphones that the user can buy. It’s usually the kind of headset that comes bundled with the user smartphone, and is popular among budget buyers and beginners in the aftermarket segment of audio. In-ears give you the sound you want in a small package that you can pack away and take with you wherever you go. Earphones are the only thing which the users take with them for getting their mind refreshed.

Rock Jaw Alfa Genus – the price is Rs. 4,999

This earphones are manufactured and developed by company Rock Jaw, which is a small British audio specialist brand that focuses on delivering a superior experience earphone’s at an affordable cost. At just under Rs. 5,000, the original Rock Jaw Alfa Genus offers the benefits of three different types of sonic signatures through its interchangeable tuning filter system: enhanced bass, enhanced highs and neutral. Made using a generous helping of metal and wood, the Alfa Genus looks and feels as good as it merely sounds.

Soundmagic E10S – the price is Rs. 2,199

Soundmagic is a relatively new and advanced company in the personal audio industry, but has made a big impact in its ten years of manufacturing and affordable headphones. The E10S is the company’s best and realistic product, and has garnered a lot of attention for being one of the best in-ear headphones in the price range of less than Rs 5000. It’s a bass-happy sound, but with plenty of definition and clarity to keep all kinds of listeners happy, and its solid build quality makes it one of the most durable low budget sound all over.

Sennheiser CX180: the price is Rs. 891

One of the highest selling earphones sets in the country India, the Sennheiser CX180 is an in-ear canalphone that offers best and great value of money from one of the leading headphone manufactures. Canalphones fit tightly inside your ear and block out ambient noise. That offers the bass inclination and good noise-isolation of sound, the CX180 is designed to offer superior bang-for-your-buck.

Bluedio Turbine 2 : the price is Rs 3,000

Bludio is a relatively unknown company in India, but these cans pack in large 57mm drivers that are capable of better balance of sound. What all the user get is a built-in equalizer which is merely accessed by pressing both the volume up and volume down buttons at the same time and 3.5mm audio out that lets the user share their wireless music with anyone who simply plugs in. And yes, the Turbine 2 can also be used as corded headphones.

Frequency range of speaker: 20Hz-20kHz

Driver measurement: 57mm

Skullcandy Uproar S5URHW-462 : the price is Rs 3,700

The Uproar doesn’t sound as good as the Jabra Move, but it gives the user a slightly longer playback on a single charge of its battery, besides costing almost 15% less. Sadly, the Uproar does not support corded sound so the user will have to ensure it is always fully charged before they step out.

Driver: 40mm
So, these are the earphones which come under the budget of Rs 5000. And are the largely sold earphones with latest and advanced technology.

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