Every one says that, Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. When you are in a love with any person of your surrounding, you feel very special, you feel like yes there is someone who is waiting for you, who cares for you, who thinks about you, who cares about the future. I don’t understand why this peoples are really so much interested in this type of love.

to be very frank, this is not love this is what we see is a type of attraction. & attraction is not always remains permanent, it changes day by day according to the surrounding of that person. in which he or she is living from a long time. if you are in the touch of anything for some time you will definitely find some different attention towards that thing, person or anything. Seriousness towards the relationship is very dangerous thing you will find in the generation. Because this seriousness let you drop into the end of your life or somewhere at the very low point of your career.

2Love is very different thing. It just don’t depend on the person to person only, although this is all depends on the real time part. does really true love initiate’s generally in school, college or At the teen age ? For the young generation it is “Yes”. because till that part of life you haven’t match up with any opposite sex world. This is all started by Word “OPPOSITE” & Sums up On the “OPPOSITE”.

Generation is all very much engaged in the true love with their partner. Have they ever thought about live their life with the parents for lifetime. now the point comes on parents, because of they are our parents, this is not mandatory that you would not ever think about lifetime stay though with your parents because that is auto default in the life system. Friends this is the time where this foolish life starts.


How do they find love ?

love is a very general thing, you can find it anywhere around your daily routine like once I have found my love in the train. I was travelling from Indore to Pune & a girl was sitting over there next to me & it was something around 12 hours journey overnight. I was busy with my phone & laptop & yes also by watching her continuously in some part of time. She found me by looking her & our eyes got collided with each other. that was the time I found love in the eyes.

7This is such a ridiculous thing that when you found your “true love”, May be this was your first time or may be also you are in a very much true love with a person also. but it really doesn’t matter because love can happen anywhere with anyone and any how.


That is not the love,  that is new experience with a new stranger with whom you have never met again & may be also after that. this thing we tried most of the time when we find ourselves in between the new peoples & that is called the Human tendency to gain attention by new peoples & yes also to pay attention to new one. This is not TRUE LOVE.

I found true Love When I was Busy in the night talking with some one For So long. I was in the college, & I met with a girl by the connection of a common friend. as usual I have a habit to match with any one very soon, I also tried to make my move very fast on her for the friendship goal. after some of 7 days we got connected on Facebook & after that we interchanged our Mobile Number’s. Now the talks get started for a hour & than for 2 hour & After that so long that we couldn’t count the Spent hours on phone calls.

9night conversations are the mirror of true love, where you can find the Interest of some one in you who is almost busy with you whole night and this is really rare because you also don’t talk to any one whole night also before exam day. So you again find your love In that situation.

This is Not love, this is what we called the proper way to express yourself in front a new person because now you have some one to hear you for a month at least because, you are 20 years old & for this so long life at least you have collected such amount of talk that you can continuously talk to anyone for a month whole night. This is Not “TRUE LOVE”.

5Apart from all this Sense, Non Sense, flirt, attraction, attention, Full night talks, new Sensible thoughts of mind For the Strangers & everything what brings the love affair into the life, there are such common things what shows like you are in love or you have found some “TRUE LOVE” but really true love doesn’t exist.

  • Hanging Out with some one on regular basis for new cafes, restaurant’s, for watching Movies, basically if you are spending More of your time With that person doesn’t mean that you this will really work. Because This all marketing activity couldn’t find the proper love for you.
  • tagging Some One Special in your memes, tagging Some one On Social Networking Sites Doesn’t mean that it is really working for the Love because this all the Presence of mind for that particular time which always shows the front part of the recent seen.

1If you really want to engage in true Love With anyone, just Work hard until You wont get Successful Enough to make your parents proud at your own level not the satisfaction of their level because you will find satisfied themselves on any thing But this is your department to Show the Real True Love To Them by make them Happy With Your Efforts & Your way, just like you think for your imaginary “TRUE LOVE”.


But yes at the end I can promise you that you will find your “TRUE LOVE” after a lot of hard work When you go into the bed, will take sleep & than in the Dreams You will Find Your “TRUE LOVE”, your whole day Success.


Real Success is “TRUE LOVE”

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